M. Michelle Eaton President

With 10 years experience in the field of in-home care and service on the Missouri Council of In-Home Services Board, Michelle began Butler County In-Home Services in December of 2015. Based on her commitment to offering superior in-home services while employing qualified & experienced professionals who are also passionate about her mission, Dugas is proud of the five programs they offer to Butler County and the surrounding areas allowing aged individuals to continue living independently in their own homes and keep their dignity in failing health.

Eaton, whose mother required extended homecare, draws on her personal life experiences for insight into the needs of clients which lends compassion to her work. As a life-long member of the community, Michelle has the ability to use local resources to provide service above and beyond what many expect, whether providing information regarding food banks, utility cost assistance or reduced costs on repair services. She also owns Butler county Enhanced Services, which provides care outside the programs of BCIHS.

C. Diane Kindrick RN, Nurse Supervisor

Diane has 25 years of hospital nursing in many fields including critical care, emergency, medical surgery, cardiac cath, G.I. Lab and interventional radiology. She has 15 years of experience in Home and Community Based In-Home Services Nursing. She has been the RN Nurse Supervisor for Butler County In-home Services, LLC for 8 years.

Shane Eaton

Shane is the co-owner of BCIHS, LLC and has 8 years of experience in Home and Community Based Services. That, along with almost 25 years of experience in Emergency Medical Services has given Shane the firsthand experience of dealing with at risk populations in Southern Missouri & he has seen what happens when the aged or infirm can no longer care for themselves without assistance in their home. Because of that he brings with him a strong focus on individualized care, timely service & doing everything he can to make sure your loved one’s can stay in their home. He is committed to seeing that Butler County In-home Care’s clients get treated & cared for as the individuals they are and that they don’t get marginalized or left in a vulnerable state. He truly believes in “There’s no Place like YOUR Home”.